When independent confirmations are needed

There is a growing community of pipeline risk management practitioners with expertise in assessing risk using the modern and robust methods described here.  This community is developing a concise list of ‘ingredients’ that are essential to proper risk assessment.  Such a list, used by a knowledgeable evaluator, provides a means to certify risk assessment processes.  A certification helps to ensure that beginning practitioners or anyone seeking an independent evaluation of any aspect of pipeline risk assessment/management, can acquire a confirmation, via a standardized process, that the aspect is appropriate for its intended application.

Certifications awarded:


Certifications can be in any of several forms:

  • Self-evaluation
    Forms are currently under development and will be offered (gratis) on this site, asap.
  • Certification of Methodology
    Is the methodology sufficiently robust and stable to ensure accurate and consistent results?
  • Certification of Results
    If input data is correct, are risk estimates plausible and free of unintended bias?
  • Certification of Practitioners
    Do the persons setting up, using, and managing the risk assessment processes have sufficient knowledge and skills to do so?
  • Certification of Risk Management Practices
    Are risk assessment results fully understood and utilized correctly in subsequent risk management decision-making?

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For other questions, concerns, or more information on obtaining certification(s) or participating in the certification process, please contact info@pipelinerisk.net.