The purpose of this site is to explore all things related to pipeline risk assessment and management.

Formal risk management has become an essential part of pipelining. As an engineered structure placed in a constantly changing natural environment, a pipeline can be a complex thing. Good risk assessment is an investigation into that complexity; providing an approachable, understandable, manageable incorporation of the physical processes potentially acting on a pipeline: external forces, corrosion, cracking, human errors, material changes, etc.

Recent work in the field of pipeline risk assessment has resulted in the development of methodologies that overcome limitations of the previous techniques while also reducing the cost of the analyses. All serious practitioners of pipeline risk assessment should be aware of and utilize these techniques in order to optimize their efforts. Alternative approaches simply no longer compete.

Pipeline risk managers can now better understand and therefore, ‘manage’, risks associated with any type of pipeline operating in any environment.


When independent confirmations are needed, a certification helps to ensure that a practitioner seeking an independent evaluation of any aspect of pipeline risk assessment/management, can acquire a confirmation, via a standardized process, that the aspect is appropriate for its intended application. Read more…

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