Topic: Risk Management

Pipelines, along with other aspects of the oil and gas business, have become controversial. While controversy can arise from many different agendas – some as far-reaching as ending reliance on hydrocarbons as a fuel source – many controversies are based purely on safety concerns.

Where is the Risk Control Strategy?

In an earlier article, we noted that risk management is, in effect, often unintentionally delegated to decision-makers occupying the lower portions of the corporate org chart.  In many companies, the field personnel are essentially setting corporate risk levels via their choices in day-to-day activities and their perceptions of priorities. While we noted some advantages of […]

Risk Management Resources

Articles <!– Where is the Risk Control Strategy? –> Is formal risk assessment helping me? Pipeline risk assessment as a tool for resolving conflict Pipeline risk assessment: risk profiling Full understanding of pipeline risk generates numerous opportunities to reduce that risk. So previous chapters have already identified risk mitigation opportunities. Reducing exposure, increasing mitigation or […]